Let’s Talk People

Great schools are created through having great teachers and support staff. We aim to recruit and develop a superb workforce, highly skilled and passionate about creating the very best opportunities for all of our pupils.

To achieve our strategic growth, we fully recognise that people are our strongest assets, hence we have created our people strategy ‘Let’s Talk People’.

Key elements of our ‘Let’s Talk People’ strategy include; talent acquisition, onboarding and continuous personal development (CPD) along with tailored leadership growth programmes integrated with organisational development led succession planning.

Talent Acquisition – We are creative and flexible in our approaches to ensuring we are resourceful in getting the very best talent and people with the potential to be the very best.

Onboarding – Our onboarding procedures are carefully constructed and detailed to ensure that new staff whatever their position and experience get the best possible opportunity to excel very quickly within their role.

Individual Continuous Professional Development (CPD) – From career entry through to Executive Principal, we seek to develop staff, through in-school CPD, cross Trust CPD, Teach Central and by other strategic partnerships that support all our staff in being the very best they can be.

Leadership Growth – Leadership posts are mentored with an investment in external mentoring for senior posts. Additionally, utilisation of short and long-term secondments within the Trust are routine to develop staff in preparation for readiness for the next step.

Organisational Development – Our senior professionals seek to operate ‘on the front foot’, proactively developing staffing models to get the very best from individuals and teams utilising information gathering from new starters, established employees and those leaving the Trust’s employ, so that we can improve the development and deployment of colleagues in all of our schools with a myriad of opportunities offered across our Trust.