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For the start of the academic year 2021/2022 all schools within the Central Region Schools Trust completed a comprehensive risk assessment following the DfE Operational Guidance to schools set out on 27th August 2021 and this has been updated for January 2022 schools’ return.  These risk assessments are regularly reviewed and updated as required with new information and legislation. The following control measures have been implemented within all our schools :

  • Ensuring good hygiene for everyone
  • Good hand cleaning hygiene
  • Respiratory hygiene measures
  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE) when situations require
  • Maintaining appropriate cleaning regimes, using standard products such as detergents
  • Keeping occupied spaces well ventilated
  • Following UK Health Security Authority (UKHSA, was Public Health England) advice on testing, self-isolation and managing confirmed cases of COVID-19 when an individual develops COVID-19 symptoms or has a positive test
  • Asymptomatic testing on site for the start of the new academic year (Year 7 and above) and encouraging twice weekly LFT testing at home for staff and pupils (Year 7 and above)
  • Confirmatory PCR tests – schools will follow the latest government guidance on confirmatory PCR tests following a positive LFD test.
  • Ensure all additional activities and events e.g. trips have a bespoke risk assessment to ensure that COVID-19 controls measures have been identified  
  • Face coverings. The wearing, removal and non-wearing of face coverings applicable at any time
  • Ensure the schools have an outbreak management plan if advised by UKHSA/Public Health England there is an outbreak within their school

A weekly review takes place of all sections within the Risk Assessment and will be updated with additional control measures after appropriate advice and guidance have been given. Please click for Covid-19 guidance and support.