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DFE funded CPD – Strand: Mental Health

The DfE have just announced that schools who wish to undertake their senior mental health lead training in April and

SMHL Update – Funding & Haybridge CPD to support Senior Mental Health Leads

The DfE have just announced that schools who wish to undertake their senior mental health lead training in April and May can now apply for their £1,200 training grant.

Background to Senior Mental Health CPD 2021-22 

As part of our CPD provision this year, we are working closely with Haybridge Teaching School Hub. They have been successful in securing funding from the DFE to support. 

Senior Mental Health Leads (SMHL)

in schools and will be launching a collaborative and ‘peer’ based model of CPD on the topic of mental health and practice in schools, shortly. Following lockdowns, and to cope with the on-going pressures of the pandemic, the DFE have made it a requisite that all schools have a nominated SMHL, and this CPD is designed to support this colleague in this role. 

Certificate for Senior Mental Health Leads 

To enable our colleagues throughout the trust to participate in the training from Haybridge, which is fully funded, Senior Mental Health Leads would have needed to have accessed, in advance, materials and completed the ‘Certificate in the role of a Senior Mental Health Lead 2021-22’ – these certificates and materials are provided by third party training providers, such as, the National College. The National College, and other providers, has limited ‘funded’ places available for these certificates; I would encourage you to apply as soon as is possible for the grant of £1200 to cover and support your Senior Mental Health Lead in your school setting.  The cost of the certificate is £395, which would be paid for up front to the provider (National College) for example, but then you would receive your DFE grant of £1200 which would be offset against this, and any other associated costs to support your SMHL 2021-22. As part of the training and certificate, your SMHL would receive the following:

  • Development of strategic action plan which supports positive whole-school change
  • One-to-one expert coaching and guidance through tailored support and feedback
  • Group session coaching with dedicated mental health and wellbeing expert
  • Peer-to-peer networking through a private group only available to course attendees
  • Activities and reflection questions throughout

 If you would like to check the eligibility for the grant for your respective school, please click hereNext steps for your school: