Young Citizen of the year


We are so proud of Caine. His quick thinking and bravery were recognised at Westminster Palace where he received a medal for Young Citizen of the year. St John’s Ambulance have also recognised his achievement and presented Caine with a with a trophy.

Caine Wildman, a 14 year old student at the RSA Academy, showed incredible bravery and level headedness in a life-threatening situation when, on Wednesday 8th February 2017, upon returning home from school, he found his father unconscious.

Mr Wildman, who was off work due to a chest infection and undiagnosed pneumonia, had been playing with Caine’s younger siblings when he collapsed, falling on top of one of them. Caine’s sisters were unaware of the seriousness of the situation and thought their father was playing a game of pile-up and climbed on top of him.

Caine found him, unconscious, turning blue from lack of oxygen and his eyes rolled back into the back of his head.  He had the presence of mind to pull him off the sofa, onto the floor, where he proceeded to administer CPR, a skill he had learned from Mr Hale in the RSA Academy Combined Cadet Force.

Caine also called an ambulance and stayed home to supervise his siblings whilst the paramedics took his father to hospital and his mother, who was unaware of the situation, made her way home from work. 

Caine’s father is incredibly proud of him and wrote to the Duke of Edinburgh awards to try and nominate him for an award.

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