Young Chamber Committee

Post 16 students were recently invited to become members of the Young Chamber Committee.  This is a very exciting opportunity for our students who will be able to represent the views of the RSA Academy to support careers education. The purpose of the group is as follows:

To enable the young people to network and make contacts with other committee members, employers and decision makers in the Black Country. It will also provide them with a voice on the diverse local economic and political issues of relevance to them.

Young chamber members will also have access to the following opportunities:

–Develop leadership skills

–Influence decisions in their local area

–Make links with potential employers/Access to Black Country Chamber members (understand local industries, potential work experience opportunities)

–Gain practical employability skills: communication, decision-making, time-management.

Each representative will be responsible for representing the interests and views of the RSA Academy.

Well done to Liam, Abbie, Maris and Heather for volunteering to be our Chamber Commitee members.