World of Work Day

Prior to choosing their options in January, Year 9s had the opportunity to participate in a World of Work Day.  The day was organised for the whole year group as a series of workshops to allow students to learn about different careers and try new things related to the world of work.

Workshop 1 was with The School of Coding exploring careers in coding as well as interacting with VRTech and Robotics

Workshop 2 led by the University of Birmingham where students learned about University life and then planned and designed their own ideal University.

Workshop 3 was led by our very own alumni, Venandah Madanhi, now director of Talkabout, who guided the students through the importance of transferable skills, such as communication and teamwork, in the world of work.

Workshop 4 with Talkabout was an opportunity to discuss how choosing options for GCSE can influence career choices as well as help you to do achieve your goals in the future.

Workshop 5 – Connexions explained what apprenticeships are, what apprenticeships you can apply for and the process of applying for apprenticeships in the future.

Workshop 6 was led by PTP Training where students participated in solving engineering related problems and learned more about a career in engineering.

The final part of the day was an Interactive Chemistry Show, led by Dr Martin Kechara from the STEM Response Team at the University of Wolverhampton.  Dr Kechara, with his assistant Heather, brought Chemistry to life through the show.

The objective of the day was for the students to not only think about their future, but to reflect on what subjects they enjoyed so that they could make the right choices for them.

We would like to thank all employers, partners and organisations who helped us out on the day.

More information about the process of choosing subjects will be sent out in January 2020.

If any students want to discuss their future career, they can speak to their tutor or come and speak to Mrs Batra.