Worcestershire Skills Show

We attended Worcestershire Skills Show on 13th March. It was the perfect opportunity to discover our future career, to interact with Worcestershire’s largest employers and to understand the career pathways available to us and to find out about the skills and qualifications that employers are really looking for.
We got stuck in and talked to company representatives. We learnt more about the culture of many of the companies. We also learnt about the level of training given to employees, the size of certain companies, and about opportunities for travel. We asked them what made their company unique, what they enjoy about working in their particular industry and how many new employees they recruited every year. We wanted interview advice so we asked what made a good candidate stand out and what were the characteristics of their most successful employees.
We came away knowing the main skills that employers were looking for, and what qualifications and qualities they were looking for. We also came away knowing a little more about the recruitment process and about apprenticeship opportunities. It was a really good morning but with 110 employers to visit we were exhausted at the end!