Students represented Arrow Vale at…

On Wednesday 20th November 2019, Arrow Vale’s best mathematicians represented the school at the Senior UKMT (United Kingdom Mathematics Trust) Challenge. This took place at the Solihull Sixth Form College. Competition looked like it would prove challenging, with numerous King Edwards Schools represented and a few other private and grammar schools.

The team of Shaheer Safdar, Paige Vaughan (both Year 13), Ryan Chan (Year 12) and Luke Richardson (Year 11) made a fantastic start, obtaining full marks in the first round. The second round, a “Crossnumber” was also very successful, team Arrow Vale only dropping 7 marks out of 65. This left the team in the top 3 schools after the first 2 rounds, with just 1 round to go.

Unfortunately, the last round didn’t go the team’s way and they ended up in 5th place. Out of the 14 schools, this was an outstanding achievement, given the quality of the opposition. 3 of the top 4 places were taken by King Edwards Schools, with 3rd place taken by the “National College for Science and Maths”.

The students were recognised for their politeness and competitive spirit by the teacher supervising them, in fact they thought they were representing a private school!

An excellent effort from all involved, well done to the students!