Science Super Stars Day

On Wednesday 16th January 2019, 20 students from Ipsley walked down to RSA Arrow Vale Academy for a HPA day.

Once we got to Arrowvale (around 9:00am) it was quite an intimidating sight, the size of the school is triple the size of Ipsley! Mrs Kendall came and greeted us and took us over to the labs.

When we got to the science labs we went through the plan for the day. A rush of excitement waved over the class as we found out we were making parachutes! We got into groups of 2-3 and were told the task of the day. We planned and drew out our parachutes and got crafting. As we were building, Mrs Kendall told us we were testing out parachutes and the slowest time won.

We finished out break and finished our parachutes and it was time to test. The winners were Kieran R and Jack R, they had a time over 4 seconds! After congratulating the winners and eating lunch we headed back and created a poster of the practical we had done. Making the poster was fun because all the material we used to create the parachutes were able to go on the poster.

We cleaned up and unfortunately it was time to say our goodbyes and head back to Ipsley.

Thank you Mrs Kendall and Mrs Duggins for a great day and a great opportunity

Ruby B 7B