In the Line of Duty

A group of year 9 students were asked to attend Redditch Police Station just before the Easter holidays. The CEIAG session gave the students the opportunity to ask questions about different routes into joining the police force. They got to try on uniforms and handcuffed two police officers. They had to respond to a missing persons report and explain how they would solve the case step by step. Teamwork and cop-like collaboration meant that our 15 year old “misper” was successfully located and returned home. Thank you to Redditch Police Station for having us and letting us go free at the end of the session.

Student Account of the visit…

The police trip was very informative and enjoyable.  It taught us a lot about what it takes to work in the police and what they do day-to-day.  We all participated in a missing person mystery

which showed us how to think deductively.  We then got to ask questions, try on the uniform (the jackets were very heavy!).  Overall, I really liked the trip and would definitely recommend it to others.