Hereford and Worcester Group Training Association Visit

Hereford and Worcestershire Group Training Associations (HWGTA) offer a variety of training courses for individuals and businesses looking to upskill, improve or refresh their knowledge. They work with nationally recognised awarding bodies to deliver high quality, innovative training alongside their own in-house designed training programmes.

Nicky Scott came in from HWGTA to talk to 50 0f our students about the range of apprenticeships on offer. She spoke about entry requirements, progression routes, salaries, and an apprentice’s rights and responsibilities.

Having spoken about HWGTA’s wide and varied offers, Nicky split the students into four groups to compete against each other in a design task.   The students were given plastic sprockets, nuts, bolts, and various bits of tough plastic in various widths and lengths…a bit like a ‘mechano’ kit but oversized.   The students had to become real engineers designing a one wheeled vehicle that would carry a load without spilling it, which would then work its way around an assault course.

The task required the students to became problem solvers, to work as a collaboration and communicate with each other.  For one group who kept having to start again it also required a lot of resilience.

All of the 50 students got involved and even though there was one group which was the overall winner  they all felt like champions because they had helped each other and had not given up.   Even though the students were not sure they felt they were ready to become engineers they were told there was are plenty of other apprenticeship on offer.

Thank you to Nicky Scott from HWGTA who drove two hours to come and do this workshop.