Frontline History Workshop

On Monday, Year 6 were treated to a very special visitor from Frontline History, a FWW Tommy.

We learned all about the life of a soldier during this time and began with some stark facts about just how many of them had signed up underage, and what a large percentage of the army was in fact only 18 years old.

A few unsuspecting pupils (and teachers!) were dressed up in hundred-year old kit, which gave us an insight into the fabrics used, and how impractical they were for life in the trenches; and the equipment they were expected to have on them at all times and how, as advancements were made, some of these changed over the course of the four year war period. There were many shocked faces at the fact that helmets provided no protection for the head until part way through the war!

Towards the end of the sessions, pupils were able to handle some- disarmed and very safe- weapons, including grenades, shells and a Lee Enfield rifle! Some of the shell ball bearings were even retrieved from the Somme, where our visitor had collected them himself.

Overall, the day was a fabulous experience for our pupils. They learned a lot, and asked some very inquisitive and interesting questions. Thank you to David from Frontline History for a memorable and educational experience.