Central RSA Academies Trust – Photography Competition Week 1

We are delighted to announce the winners for our Trust photography lockdown competition week 1. We received some amazing entries a selection of which you can view below.

The theme for this week was ‘Through the window’.

1st Prize: Aishah, KS2, St Stephens CE RSA Academy

“This uplifting photograph communicates the shared experience of support for the NHS during the Covid-19 lockdown. The beautifully painted rainbow on the hand, a joyous smile and a balanced composition makes this a well-deserved first prize winner.”

2nd: Layla, KS3 Church Hill Middle School RSA Academy

“Capturing this incredible sunset with its fiery colour palette from inside a rainy window has created a bold and striking photograph. The silhouette of the landscape makes this a poetic reflection of the lockdown experience. Using the pattern of raindrops made this the leader of a very strong collection of landscape photographs and a worthy 2nd prize winner.”

3rd: Sophie, KS2 – Ipsley CE RSA Academy


“A sense of Freedom is truly felt in this image. The leaping figure photographed crossing the road through a car window creates a strong composition and a unique viewpoint. The selected colours and tones remind us of the challenge of lockdown and creates a powerful image. A striking third prize winner.”

Highly Recommended: Jake KS3, Ipsley CE RSA Academy

“Will our garden be full of family and friends again soon?”

“The story behind this picture is superbly communicated through the window. Memories of the past are contrasted with the quiet times of now, as we look towards the future. This photograph is highly recommended for its narrative and clever use of composition.”