CEIAG Visit….

Some year 9 students went to FAUN ZOELLER in Redditch and learnt all about the design, manufacture and distribution of RCVs (refuse collection vehicles). There are front loaders, rear loaders, Automated Side Loaders, Pneumatic Collection Vehicles and Grapple Trucks. Some rubbish is dragged back into the vehicle and compressed and some vehicles use an Archimedes’ screw to compress the waste. We had no idea that refuse collection vehicles could be so fascinating. We were told how they were fabricated (so many components!) and the costs involved. We learnt about their purchase price, their obsolescence and about repairs and customer service.  We also learnt about growth and mergers, human resources, demand and supply and the CEO told us how they were preparing for a future in which households will be expected to achieve zero waste. Our favourite bit was when we got to sit in a brand new RCV…so high up and so comfortable. Never again will be take waste collection for granted!