AV Students Improving Their Spanish

When I was told this trip was available I was really looking forward to it. Now, after going on the trip, it is safe to say that it definitely exceeded expectations and everyone on the trip thoroughly enjoyed it. We arrived at the accommodation and it was beautiful. The walls were covered in little inspiring messages that made everyone smile and the rooms which we stayed in were fantastic and clean. We all loved it and enjoyed every moment we spent in the room. After a well-rested night we journeyed out and around to a magnificent park. This was where we stood and watched turtles and got the chance to attempt to row a boat around a “royal pond”. We all enjoyed this a lot as it gave us the chance to laugh and spend time with our friends. It was also funny because we would end up going in the wrong direction and splash ourselves by accidentally dropping the oars in the water. At the end of the day we all walked to a nearby cinema and watched a film with Spanish subtitles. Even though the film wasn’t the best, we all still really enjoyed it and the film had us laughing all night.

The next day we went on a tour of Madrid and learnt about its history from a man that was truly passionate about the city he lives in. Then we went to a castle where we marvelled at the walls and floors of this spectacular piece of royal history. In this castle we all improved our Spanish skills and learnt many things. We also all went on a search for Phillip IIII as the tour guide had mentioned him and we were all intrigued to know who he was. This day was topped off with a late night flamenco show. Everyone enjoyed this and gave us insight on the way people are in Madrid and how they dance. We all wished that this was longer as we enjoyed it so much.

The last jam-packed day was a trip to the Real Madrid football stadium. We were all extremely surprised at how big it was and had fun pretending to be the manager of the football team and finding out about the previous football teams of Real Madrid and the present one. We looked for specific team players like “Fat Ronaldo” and the teachers enjoyed being on the “TV” being interviewed by us.

Every day was filled with amazing tasks and games that we all loved being part of. To top every day off we ended on a gorgeous meal where everyone tried new things and especially loved the place of 100 sandwiches. We loved it so much that we went twice and devoured as much as we could!!!

This trip was amazing and what made it even better were the amazing teachers that put a lot of hard work into making this trip an amazing week. I thank all of the people that came on the trip and made this happen as they were the ones that made my memories even better and made me laugh and challenged me to try and speak Spanish. It is the people that I spent time with that truly made this one of the best trips I have ever been on!!!

By Sophie C. (Year 11)