Arrow Vale Celebrates World Book Day

On Thursday 5th March, RSA Academy Arrow Vale celebrated World Book Day; a fantastic day to help increase the enthusiasm and involvement of the literary world.

To support this wondrous day Arrow Vale hosted three events that would get the staff and students all talking about books. Firstly, the Year 9 cohort all participated in a ‘Reading Relay’. This involved students moving from lesson to lesson with a blank storyboard. At the beginning of every lesson their teaching staff would play a section of an enticing and eerie audio story. Whilst the section played, the students completed the corresponding box in their storyboard. By the end of the day all students had listened to the entire story and their storyboards were complete. The storyboards were then entered into a competition across their entire year group. Miss Gretton scoured through the vast amount of amazing entries to find the best top ten for effort! The winners are announced below. The students all received a certificate, a bookmark and a prize from Miss Gretton’s lucky dip box.

The winners were: Joe M., Cavan D., Amy A., Teigan H., Maddie D., Pru L., Lily H., Renae W., Ellie B., Christian T.

Alongside the ‘Reading Relay’, staff, students and parents/carers were all invited to participate in the Book Swap. This was a great opportunity for the members of our community to donate and exchange books; thus, really increasing the involvement of introducing new literary content.

Finally, all staff and students were invited to wear a label for the day that showcased their favourite book. The participation of this activity was incredible, and it was so warming and lovely to see such an open dialogue between staff and students about their favourite reads and why!

I’d just like to say a final thank you for your increased support and ‘Happy Reading!’

Miss Gretton