Animaltastic Careers

Lucy Cull, alumnus and Animal Instructor Technician, came into to talk to us about her career pathway from former Arrow Vale student to current day.

She told us how she had carved a career working with animals from starting off undertaking voluntary work to paid employment. She talked about the importance of having a CV which was crystal clear and full of interests, hobbies, paid and unpaid employment. She said that networking face to face as well as online had helped her secure employment. Lucy also explained how she maintained an electronic portfolio of photos, course certificates, posters of events etc. Lucy said how she had gained in confidence and had accrued a myriad of skills as she had progressed in her career.

We were surprised at the number of jobs that existed in this sector and that many of them were tied to teaching, and helping other people to develop. We were really surprised when Lucy said that her A level in Art had been helpful as she often needed to be creative in planning teaching and learning activities or when creating marketing tools. She had even been required to build a Santa’s grotto one year and an Easter themed event to attract families to a charitable event. Her day to day sounded like there was variety in her job.

Thank you Lucy for giving up your afternoon to come and talk to us.

Sarah Noble