Welcome to our Trust

It is my privilege and pleasure to be Executive Principal (CEO) of Central Region Schools Trust, working with exceptional trustees, governors and staff to do the very best for our young people and communities.

We are a group of schools with a strong partnership with The Royal Society of Arts, who founded our multi-academy trust. The RSA has a strong history of supporting educational innovation, thinking and approaches, going back as far as the Nineteenth Century. This partnership has helped shape our vision, of social justice through exceptional schools. Now, as a DfE approved academy sponsor, recognising our strength as a trust, we stay true to our vision, but operate independently, whilst retaining a strong partnership with our founding organisation.

We work together as a group of schools to ensure the best possible educational outcomes for young people in our schools. We aim to develop exceptional learners, ensuring excellent test and examination results for our students, and ensure they are fully prepared for a happy and fulfilling life. We do this through recruiting and developing our expert professional workforce. We aim to place our schools as beacons in the heart of their community, working in partnership with organisations locally and wider. Our trust works hard to ensure that services and expertise are provided efficiently to schools. Our strategy for success is found here.

The trust has eleven schools currently, with children from the age of three up to Sixth Form aged young adults. Our schools are in two hubs, in Birmingham, the Black Country, and in Worcestershire. The schools and their staff work together to ensure the best possible learning for the young people, by supporting each other through expertise and knowledge sharing so that our staff can be the best they can be.

You can find examples of the work of each of our schools on this website. To find out in more about each of our schools, please visit their individual websites, which you can access from the homepage of this site. Better still, come and see us in action.

Guy Shears
Executive Principal (CEO)