As RSA Academies we offer an extensive range of enrichment activities to enhance learning in each school, and across our schools. 

We seek to develop confident and creative learners who can thrive in a changing world. Our curriculum will be the realisation of our shared aspirations for our learners

In detail: 

As RSA Academies, we aim to deliver a truly broad curriculum, that enables ALL pupils to flourish. We embrace the EBacc and ensure that all those who wish to study it can and, indeed, are encouraged as appropriate to do so. We also seek to deliver a wide range of subjects, including the delivery of excellent vocational and skills-based learning experiences that are age appropriate. Our sixth form offers mirror this aspiration, with a full range of academic subjects being offered in balance with a strong vocational offer for those students that will benefit most from this, as they pursue their chosen goals.

Our aim is to provide formal and informal learning experiences for pupils of all ages so that they can achieve in all areas, but also can find the things in life that make them passionate, be these in leisure activities or areas of future study or potential employment. We seek to ensure that each of them flourishes and becomes great citizens of this country and of the world. Our schools seek to foster the social, moral, cultural and spiritual development of our pupils in all aspects of school life, so that they are interesting, respectful, open, tolerant and kind young adults as they leave our schools and go off into the world.

The knowledge:

Attributes and skills which we recognise as vital and which support successful learning will be developed in, and alongside, the curriculum (through excellent experiences). (See Strategic Objective 4.2)

As part of our approach to achieving this, each of our schools commits, as an RSA Academy, to developing and publishing an Arts, Creativity and Cultural Education Plan. These plans seek to ensure that our pupils benefit from interaction with experts, such as the RSA’s Royal Designers for Industry. We seek to support our projects and courses with meaningful contact with employers and experts from design, manufacturing, business and other employer opportunities. The plans specifically outline, for each school, the provision for:

  • A wide range of arts and design teaching in the curriculum for all pupils
  • Extra-curricular opportunities
  • Visits to arts and cultural venues (including attending performances)
  • Cross curricular opportunities for creative learning (beyond arts subjects)
  • Developing partnerships and working with creative practitioners
  • Opportunities for participation in awards, competitions and community projects
  • Developing appreciation of the arts through theory as well as skills
  • Teaching for creativity

This commitment supports strongly our delivery of our wider ‘Enrichment Guarantee’

Enrichment Guarantee:

Our schools offer an extensive range of enrichment activities to enhance learning in each school, and across our schools. We aim for immersive external experiences and excellence in our enrichment programmes. This entitlement includes:

  • Opportunities to access and participate in visits to theatres, galleries and cultural events
  • Work directly with arts practitioners and designers, sporting experts and the like
  • Aim to ensure entitlement of offer to experience a residential stay
  • Participate in projects for the local and wider community
  • Have access to a variety of careers talks, workplace and university visits, and work experience