Social justice through exceptional schools

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Welcome to the Central Region Schools Trust website. We hope that the site gives you the information you would like to know about our Trust, how it operates, the schools in the Trust, and the benefits of being in a trust that was originally founded by the RSA.

Our vision is to ensure social justice through exceptional schools. A founding principle was that our schools ‘know’ and serve their local community, whilst also recognising that shared knowledge and expertise across our schools makes us all strong in delivering the vision.

We are a Multi-Academy Trust that has been established to have a strategic oversight of schools in the trust, including agreeing the annual plan and budget and monitoring progress against key performance indicators. We share, and co-design excellence, and invest where risk is identified. All governors and staff understand the collective responsibility we all have for each and every child within each of our schools.

We are proud to work in strategic partnership with Haybridge, Arthur Terry, and Prince Henry’s Teaching School Hubs.

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Realise Potential, Achieve Excellence, Broaden Opportunity

Teach Central, formerly the RSA Academies’ Teaching School Alliance, recruits and trains new entrants to the teaching profession, identifies leadership potential, and provides support for schools across the West Midlands, to transform outcomes for young people and bring about positive social change. We drive action research, undertake innovations in teaching, and optimise the talents and commitment of our staff to develop creative ways of providing education.

The Central Region Schools’ Trust was built with Research and Development at its heart

We believe that effective Professional Learning, Research & Development must be at the heart of our school communities. Collaboration across our trust to improve learning experiences and educational outcomes for all pupils in our care is key to our mission of social justice.  We fundamentally believe in establishing and implementing a clear infrastructure which supports expert teacher development through all stages and phases of career.

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Welcome to our Trust

Guy Shears
Executive Principal (CEO)

It is my privilege and pleasure to be Executive Principal (CEO) of Central Region Schools Trust, working with exceptional trustees, governors and staff to do the very best for our young people and communities.

We are a group of schools with a strong partnership with The Royal Society of Arts, who founded our multi-academy trust. The RSA has a strong history of supporting educational innovation, thinking and approaches, going back as far as the Nineteenth Century.


The leadership across our Trust has identified pupil knowledge, skills and attributes that we believe are key to the current and future success of the young people in our schools. Each school creates their own approach to developing the skills and attributes. These skills and attributes have an identified leader across the Trust to lead expert collaboration where the most effective practice emerges from within the Trust and beyond, then standardisation of approach will be agreed as appropriate.


Working with pupils to know understand and have mastered key concepts so that they develop the expertise to become fluent and excel within and across subject disciplines, locating their experiences within the broader sense of society.

Attributes of Character

To create the conditions in which attributes of character are nurtured, so that pupils can lead full active and successful lives which support their communities and the wider world.


Helping pupils to develop the skills needed for a successful and happy personal and professional life.


Ensuring our pupils enjoy, experience excitement and find value in their school experience, through a very wide range of experiences that challenge and motivate them, providing aspiration and
demanding responsibility from them.